Economic Development

2015-09-28 09:08:05

[Economic Profile] In 2014, the county achieved gross regional domestic product (GDP) of RMB 19,154.4 million Yuan, increased by 8.30% from 2013 based on comparable price calculation, of which, the added value of the primary industry was RMB 3010.77 million Yuan, the added value of the secondary industry was RMB 7661.12 million Yuan and the added value of tertiary industry was RMB 8482.51 million Yuan, increased by 3.10%, 5.90% and 12.70% respectively. Calculated based on the registered population of the county, the per capita GDP of the county reached 41,798, increased by 7.90%. Based on the average exchange rate 6.1428 announced by the state in 2014, per capita GDP converted to US Dollar was USD 6804. The proportion of the three industries was adjusted from 16.30:41.0:42.70 in 2013 to 15.70:40.04:4.30 in 2014.   

[Financial Revenue and Expenditure] County achieved total financial revenue of RMB 2110.04 million Yuan, increased by 9.90% from 2013, including local financial revenue of RMB 1385.99 million Yuan, an increase of 10.50 %. The annual local financial expenditure was RMB 4355.95 million Yuan, an increase of 15.90%, including education expenditure of RMB 817.34 million Yuan, increased by 9.70%; science and technology expenditure of RMB 96.28 million Yuan, increased by 24.90%; social security and employment expenditure of RMB 374.27 million Yuan, increased by 31.10%; medical treatment, health and birth control expenditure of RMB 440.71 million Yuan, increased by 20.70% and expenditure for energy conservation and environment protection of RMB 459.14 million Yuan, increased by 213.80%.