Urban and Rural Construction

2015-09-28 09:15:15

[Urban Construction] Chun’an annually completed infrastructure investment of 4713 million Yuan, increased by 19.20% from 2013. Thousand-islet Lake Provincial-level Key Eco-functional Region Small City Cultivation Pilot Work was put into effect; Lakefront Landscape Belt, Lake-in-City Landscape Belt and Urban Greenway Project from Xiushui Bridge to Qiandaohu Bridge Section have been completed; the expansion, development and renovation projects for bypass from Longmeng Road to Old Tea Factory and for Xin’an North Road have been successfully completed; new town development has been accelerated; the constructions for Thousand-islet Lake Cultural Complex, Technology Building and Phase II of Fengjia Mountain Project have been launched.  

[Public Utility] Chun’an accelerated construction for electric power facility and has completed and put into operation of 110KV Peninsula Power Transmission Facilities. Annual total electricity consumption was 944.74 million KWH, reduced by 5.70%, including primary industry electricity consumption of 10.55 million KWH, decreased by 6.10%, secondary industry electricity consumption of 578.2 KWH, decreased by 10.40%; and tertiary industry electricity consumption of 192.51 million KWH, decreased by 5.60% and urban and rural residential electricity consumption of 162.86 million KWH, increased by 0.1%. 

[Environmental Construction] Chun’an fully implemented Three-year Action Plan for “Five Water Treatment”. Construction of Jiangjia and Weiping Sewage Treatment Plant has been completed, Upgrading Reconstruction and Recycled Water Reuse Project of Chengnan Mount Sewage Treatment Plant have been completed and reached first grade A discharge standard; laying of urban sewage pipeline network, including 23-km main pipeline network and 116km branch pipeline network, rural pollution control projects in 243 administrative villages and pipe network upgrading construction for 4 town sewage water treatment stations have been completed; The county implemented unified collection of waste water from scenic areas, scenic spots, pleasures boats and yachts for treatment ashore; established River (Lake) Chief System and completed urban road and flood ditch desilting work of 25km of 25km; intensified agricultural non-point source pollution renovation with 220 livestock and poultry breeding enterprises being shut down and 64 being subjected to ecological transformation. The compliance rate of surface water function zone under municipal control or above reached 100% and the quality compliance rate of water from drinking water sources was 100%. 

[Top 10 Industries] Top 10 industries of the county, i.e. culture and creativity, tourism and leisure, financial service, E-commerce, information software, advanced equipment manufacturing, IOT, Biological medicine, energy conservation and environmental protection and new energy, totally achieved added value of 6537 million Yuan, increased by 8.90% over 2013 based on the calculation at comparable price, and accounting for 34.13% of the county GDP, increased 1.19 percentage points over 2013. 

[Transportation] The county annually completed medium-capital overhauling of rural highway of 100km, security works for village road of 80km, reconstruction of 12 dangerous bridges, maintenance and reinforcement and lighting for 4 tunnels. The total mileage of roads opened to traffic within the territory of the county reached 2628.99km, including expressway of 13.071km, provincial highway of 56.887km, rural highway of 2559.032km (county road of 790.432, township road of 217.026km and village road of 1551.574km). The county totally has 641 highway bridges, including 610 rural highway bridge, 7 extra large bridges; 69 highway tunnels, including rural highway tunnels of 47. 99.1% of the administrative villages in the county have access to shuttle buses. The county implemented unified toll collection for cross-boundary vehicles in Chun’an section of No.5 provincial highway, updated 114 urban and rural passenger service vehicles and opened special bus line to No.1 People’s Hospital of the county. 

[Beautiful Countryside Construction] The construction of 10 boutique villages for 2013, Qianfeng sports and leisure selected route, southeast lakeside tour selected route, Fuze folk experience boutique area, advancement of four beautiful countries and townships, 28 to-be-renovated villages and parking lots projects for 112 administrative village have been successfully completed; the construction projects for 10 boutique villages for 2014, Chunyang landscape scenery selected route, Qianwei rafting and water activity selected route, Xiajiang leisure experience boutique area, Yaoshan folk town, Xiashan Village municipal level Key historic village protection have been launched. Accumulatively 1677 peasant households with 5307 residents have been relocated to central towns, five of which have settled 857 households with 2920 residents.