Social Undertaking

2015-09-28 09:12:27

[Population] As of the end of 2014, the county had registered population of 459,037, including male population of 233,119 and female population 225,918; agricultural population of 376,414 and non-agricultural population of 82,623. The registered population of Qiandaohu Town was 81,833, increased by 769 from the end of 2013. The ratio of planned birth was 4.81% , the birthrate of the county was 9.85‰,the mortality rate was 7.97‰ and the natural population growth rate was 1.88‰. 

[Labor Employment] In 2014, there were 3586 newly increased urban employment and 2226 laid-off workers were reemployed , including 679 person with difficulties in finding jobs; by the end of the year, the urban registered unemployment rate was 2.78%. 

[Livelihood] According to a sample survey, the per capita disposable annual income of urban residents was RMB 30,559 Yuan, increased by 10.50; the per capita consumption expenditure of urban residents was RMB 18,659 Yuan, increased by 7.80%. The per capita disposable income of rural residents was RMB 13,278 Yuan, an increase of 11.40%, and per capita consumption expenditure of rural residents was 9049 Yuan, an increase of 9.40%. 

[Social Security] In the end of 2014, 73,528 residents attended employee basic endowment insurance. 112,778 urban residents attended urban employee basic medical insurance and urban & rural residents medical insurance, 43,035 residents attended unemployment insurance, 85,858 residents attended work-related injury insurance, 43,012 attended maternity insurance, with net increase of 2289, 3176, 1518, 1925 and 666 respectively. 356,088 residents attended various kinds of pension insurances that were mandatory for residents of over 16 years of age, with insurance rate of 96.35%, of which, the insurance rate of personnel of over 45 years of age was 97.00%. The coverage rate of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance was as high as 99.92%. 

[Social Welfare] The county owns 25 gerocomiums with total bed of 2385, which are now providing for 987 elders. There was one social welfare institute with 157 beds, which has adopted 4 infants and 10 elders, total 14 personnel who have no source of income, no capability of work or no legal dependent person. There are 12 social welfare enterprises, with 866 on-post staffs, including 350 disabled employees. 

[Education] Qiandaohu Town No.6 Elementary School, County Experimental Kindergarten, Qiandaohu Jianlan Middle School and Ruida Experimental School were smoothly opened in new semester. The county successfully won the title of National Equilibrium Compulsory Education County and Hangzhou Qualified  County in Preschool Education. The enrolment ratio of school-age children in primary schools was 100% , the promotion rate of primary school graduates was 100% and the promotion rate of junior high school was 99.40%. In the end of the year, the county had five regular senior secondary schools, with enrollment of 6796; 18 junior high school with enrollment of 10,388; 58 elementary schools with enrollment of 16,594 and 36 kindergartens with enrollment of 7,487; two vocational high schools with enrollment of 3,679; one Radio and TV University with enrollment of 43 and one special education school with enrollment of 33.    

[Technology] In 2014, there were 72 new scientific and technological development planning projects of municipal level or above ( including accreditation), including 8 national level projects, 31 provincial level projects and 33 municipal level projects. 8 enterprises were accredited as Hangzhou Hi-tech Enterprise, 4 were accredited and 2 passed reexamination of National Key- supporting Hi-tech Enterprise. Also, there were 3 new municipal level hi-tech R&D centers. Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was enlisted as National Torch Plan Key Hi-tech Enterprise and Provincial Hi-tech Enterprise R&D Center. “Russia Deepwater Sturgeon Breeding Cage Efficient and Healthy Cultivation Technology Demonstration and Promotion” project undertaken by the enterprise was enlisted as 2014 national spark program projects. Zhejiang Guoqu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. obtained national SME technological innovation fund program. The project of “Using Water Vapor to Make Activated Carbon” by Hangzhou Xinyu Carbon Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was enlisted as 2014 National Torch Program. In 2014, there were totally 396 patent applications, down 56.40%, including 69 invention patents, 242 utility models and 85 design patents. There were 382 authorized patents, down 48.70%, including 24 invention patents, 204 utility model patents, 154 design patents.   

[Culture] Chun’an bamboo hobbyhorse was enlisted as national level intangible cultural heritages. Qinchuan Village was named China Historic and Cultural Village and China Traditional  Ancient Village by State Administration of Cultural Heritages. The county established 5 township libraries, built one municipal level demonstrative comprehensive cultural station and one intangible heritage publicity and display base; 21 rural historic building renovation projects and 25 rural cultural auditorium construction projects were completed in the fifth round construction. The county implemented rural digital TV network bilateral transformation and integral conversion project and realized full coverage of bilateral network with transformation rate of 100%. The documentary “Search for Horse” was conferred “The Best Works Award” by Hangzhou Municipal Propaganda Department; “Power of Girl” won the silver prize for  National Choreography Competition and Golden Prize of provincial choreography competition. The county owns 24 cultural centers (stations), 6 public libraries (including township branch library), one art gallery and 437 rural bookstores. The county totally has book collection of 338,900 volumes and 598 amateur performance troupes, including 11 are Hangzhou star-rated demonstrative troupes.  

[Health] The county completed MCH relocation project and successfully built a specialized psychiatric hospital in Weiping  Town. The use rate of citizen card “clinic clearing” in county level hospital was over 60%. No.1 People’s Hospital and TCM  Hospital of the county explored and implemented bedside settlement service. The interconnection of diagnosis data between county level hospitals and grassroots medical institutions was realized. The county successfully applied for two department-level medical scientific research projects and host one national level and two provincial continuing education projects for the first time. There were 311 medical institutes of various kinds in the county, including 4 county-level hospitals, 4 private hospitals, two second grade and first class hospitals and two second grade second class hospitals, with total ward beds of 1353, total number of health technicians of 2061, including 1797 serving in public health institutions (including village clinics) 

[Sports] The county has successfully built 20 provincial level village sports clubs, 50 provincial level well-off sports villages and 2 provincial level sports tourism projects; implemented 4 urban and rural public sports facility upgrading projects; and newly built two new type multi-functional urban playground integrated by basketball, futsal soccer, tennis, skating and aerobics; successfully organized national spring rowing championship, FINA 10km Marathon Swimming World Cup (China Thousand-islet Lake Leg), National Winter Swimming Championships, China • Hangzhou 8th Tour De Thousand-islet Lake International Road Cycling Race, National Youth Artistic Gymnastics Championships, Thousand-islet Lake International Mountain Hiking Trailwalk Assembly, China International Camping Assembly, the Activity of 1st Yangtze River Delta Sports and Leisure Experience Season, Zhejiang Schoolchildren Badminton Finals, Zhejiang Province 4th Children’s Football Festival, Thousand-islet Lake Longchuan Bay Mountain Bike Cycling Challenge Match and other large-scale sports events and activities. Chun’an won the award for Outstanding Contribution to Sports Industry in Zhejiang  Province. 

[Tourism] The construction of the Thousand-islet Lake International Business Resort Center and Wenyuan Lion City and other tourism complex were progressed in order; the main body of Qiandaohu International Hotel Management School was topped off and Red Star Cultural Resort was completed and put into operation; infrastructure construction of Water Labyrinth in Mishan Island and Southwest Lake Area has been completed and the renovation and upgrading of Guihua Island has been completed. Two large-scale night cruise pleasure boats were put into operation, seven water parks were completed and put into operation. The county realized free Wifi service within Thousand-islet  Lake Scenic Area and full coverage of video surveillance for scenic spots in the lake region; “Zhujia-Baizhao” and “Tongziwu-Guixi” selected tourism routes were launched and “Field Pastoral” Muxin Valley Leisure Sports Campsite was successfully built. The county annually received tourists of 10,053,300, an increase of 10.60%, including lake-bounded tourists of 2,100,100, increased by 4.50%; the county achieved total tourism economy revenue of RMB 9030 million Yuan, an increase of 11.20%, including main gate receipts of RMB 230 million Yuan, an increase of 12.3%. Rural tourism totally received tourists of 3,365,000 with tourism revenue of RMB 356 million Yuan, an increase of 28.00% and 26.70% respectively. 

[Financial Industry] In the end of 2014, the balance of RMB deposit in financial institutes of the county was RMB 25,991 million Yuan, increased by 10.40%, including urban and rural residents saving surplus of RMB 12,190 million Yuan, increased by 7.80%, and the balance of RMB loans in financial institutes was RMB 20,474 million Yuan, an increase of 16.20%.